Explore Carlsbad Caverns App

Carlsbad Caverns, located in New Mexico, United States, is one of the largest publicly accessible cave systems in the world. The park features two self-guided trails, and several more ranger-guided trails that include tight belly crawls and ladder climbing.

Explore Carlsbad Caverns would serve as an aid in preparation for and during their visit to the park. The app would be a conduit where visitors can learn about the various trails and purchase tickets. While at the park, the app is an interactive substitute ranger on the self-guided trails to highlight the named rock formations and provide a visual learning opportunity about how those structures formed. Visitors are presented with a diagram-like image and the structure's name. When they find the structure, they align the on-screen viewfinder, snap a picture, and the fun facts appear on screen. The captured pictures are viewable and shareable at the end of the trail in the Photo Gallery.